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jewellery that will elevate your work wear Collocation of temperament

As superfluous as many would consider dedicating a significant amount of thought to work wear, we can say with confidence that we pay those naysayers no mind. They’re likely unaware of the hours of curation and number of considerations that come into play when putting together an office-ready outfit.

If we’re not logging in months constructing a capsule wardrobe—one which is thoughtfully filled with a range of statement pieces that are ready and waiting to be chopped and changed into a number of different outfits—then we’re reinventing our existing wardrobe by making what we already have work harder or swapping out rarely-worn pieces with updated alternatives, all the while making sure that the clothing we are investing in is still very much wearable in our out-of-work lives.

And we haven't even touched on the fashion turmoil that comes with unpredictable weather, avoiding the dreaded outfit repeat, and most importantly, weighing up comfort versus cool. Now, throw office appropriate face masks into the mix, and you could very easily find yourself confused, panicked and clutching a number of mismatched items.


But no matter the wardrobe you have to work with, you’ll be pleased to hear that we may just have a simple solution to your work wear woes: jewellery.

Often relegated to the second tier of sartorial priorities - if not overlooked altogether - jewellery is simultaneously the most understated and the most powerful element of an outfit. Cast your mind back to a situation where a simple pair of gold hoop earrings instantly upped the impact of a look, or when a strategic cuff may have just been to thank for making yourself a memorable interviewee when going out for a job interview.


No matter if it’s clipping on a pair of simple hoops, slipping on a classic signet ring, or adorning your wrist or neck in chunky chains (or both, zero judgement here!), the simple addition of jewellery to your work wear is a surefire way to bring a layer of polish to any look (even if said look is the same one you’ve worn for the past four Mondays).

Scroll on for 18 pieces of jewellery that are guaranteed to elevate any work outfit.

Match, let the beautiful temperament show out. How can a beautiful lady lack jewelry

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