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Best-Silicone Pencil Case-Take Back To School

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Choosing a new pencil case and pen has always been one of our favorite parts when we return to school, but nowadays there are so many choices, so it's hard to know where to start!

This is why we simplify the shopping process of pencil bags by collecting the best pencil bags of 2021 (from hungry dinosaurs and unicorn pouches to personalized pencil bags) and some of our favorite new Smiggle accessories .

There is something for everyone-from kids just in school to tweens and teenagers obsessed with images-and various budgets. Buy our review now and find their perfect pencil case for the next year here...

NO1  Creative silicone pencil bag beer customization

Cartoon products full of modern flavor, some styles students like most


NO2 Simulation fruit and vegetable silicone pencil case

Vegetables, a very common living thing. Children have known each other since they were young, and the feeling they like has not changed. The designer is to make children more aware that life is so ordinary

NO3  Silicone telescopic pen holder

The most popular creative design in 2020 is simple and extremely practical. According to market surveys, 70% of students bought and used it

Hurry up and find a product you like, or a product that is suitable for friends, gifts, and gifts

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