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Fully understand the production process of silicone rubber pearl bracelet


Fully understand the production process of silicone rubber pearl bracelet

In recent years, jewellery has adopted silicone materials in design breakthroughs. The designer believes that the silicone material is recognized by the market on the one hand, and on the other hand, the silicone tape has unique properties, such as the product itself is relatively soft, environmentally friendly, odorless, elastic, stretchable, and after special treatment, it feels like baby skin Silky. These characteristics are in line with the positioning of jewelry accessories. What I agree more with is the Korean wave of fashion jewelry popular in Europe, America and other countries, and a more avant-garde silicone bracelet jewelry, among which some big-name celebrities use it as their decorations, giving customers dignity and personality. So let's take a comprehensive explanation of the production process of the silicone bracelet. Let's share the entire production process of the silicone bracelet.

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1. The design of artwork

The artwork design is generally based on the sample number of the silicone bracelet provided by the customer or the 3D file size for pre-production understanding. If the customer only has the idea and cannot provide the sample, we can cooperate with the customer to complete the artwork design and design for free according to the customer’s requirements. Make.


2. Open the mold

Mold opening is that the mold master of the engineering department draws out a model based on the designed artwork. Simple copper molds are used, and steel molds are used for complex structures. In terms of time, the production technology content of some bracelet craft molds is relatively high, such as chamfering, with a core, and a three-layer board. The time is relatively longer; generally, the mold opening period is five days. With the mold, production is fast.

3. Color mixing

According to the color number on the international Pantone color card specified by the customer, the color mixing ratio of our company is aligned, and the color difference is very small.

4. Product material weight

The materials required for each silicone bracelet are electronically weighed, and these products have small burrs.

5. Upper mold production

After the mold is finished, it is good to go to the machine for production. After the mold is installed, the temperature of the silicone rubber bracelet of the machine needs to be generally around 160-180. The output only needs to be calculated by the demoulding and acupoints of the product, so that you can know the daily output of the silicone bracelet of the machine. Our company mainly promotes the silicone rubber pearl bracelet. , Generally around 2000-3000PCS.

6. Quality inspection

After the silicone bracelet is produced, it must be checked by the quality inspection, which mainly depends on whether the product meets the specifications. If it does not, it will all be discarded.

7. Trimming

Each silicone chain ring will have residual edges after it is produced. After passing the inspection by the quality inspection department, the product will be sent to the post-process department for trimming.

8. Product polishing

The key to the product has arrived. Different customers are pursuing different quality. If the requirements are common, the product can be shipped after one step of finished product inspection. If the customer's requirements are very high, then the mold line processing must be done. Make high-quality products

9. Product injection

The other colors of the product are not easy to see that there is dust on the surface. If it is black, it will be tomorrow, and the more popular cool color on the market is black. Therefore, customers who require high quality will spray oil on the surface, so that it is resistant. Dirty, wear-resistant, smooth surface

10. Finished product inspection

After being polished and sprayed, it is the finished product. QC spot checks, whether there are unqualified products, and make a report to form product standard specifications.

11. Packaging Department

Packing according to customer requirements. The packaging is divided into two types: PP bag independent packaging and naked packaging. If the customer requires export, they have to use export standard containers.

11. Inspection before sealing

After the packaging is completed, the quality inspection department will check the quantity. If there is no problem, the box will be sealed and sent to the warehouse for delivery.

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